Basikol Cholesterol

What is Basikol?

Basikol is a cholesterol supplement talking mostly about what cholesterol is and how you get higher levels of it. They claim that Basikol will help you to maintain heart health in general and arteries as well. They provide natural ingredients such as phytosterols and hope to give you greater hope. Basikol is the ultimate formula that will transform your heart health and improve your energy and overall body function! When you use Basikol, you will finally be able to effectively get past any previous limitations, and you will see exactly what it is to find an effective formula. When you use Basikol, you will cut your bad cholesterol levels in half while also increasing your good cholesterol levels for greater balance and overall results.

History of Basikol

Basikol is manufactured by ArkoPharma. ArkoPharma is a company meant to help you to get the health benefits you want with a global leader in more than 65 countries and 14 international subsidiaries. They are otherwise known as ArkoPharma International. Their main site however is as far as we can tell based out of France or another French speaking country.


There are only a couple of ingredients named. They are phytosterols which is more of a type of ingredient and D-Alphatocopherol acetate or vitamin E. Essentially speaking, these ingredients can contribute to a good cholesterol treatment ideally speaking. Vitamin E is a potentially powerful antioxidant that can work its way through arteries to clear them while simultaneously helping you to eliminate harmful free radicals. But vitamin E is not actually made to lower cholesterol or provide those other extreme benefits on its own. And you will find that they do not have significant amounts of any of their ingredients anyway.

Possible side effects

Without a full ingredients list and with only a couple named, we could not say what possible side effects could be.


We would recommend staying away from Basikol. They provide practically no information at all, and the one ingredient they do seem to name is not meant for these kinds of results. When you use Basikol, you will find that you are largely wasting more time and money than anything else. We would recommend that you find something else.

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April 24, 2014