Cholesterol Fighting Foods

The problem for me is I have to stop eating these foods, because they are just making the problem worse. Now most of us have to keep our cholesterol levels from getting too high, when they’re too low, it might realistically be because of natural tendencies to hate fatty foods and love the good foods. Who knew you could get too much of a good thing. Anyway, realistically if you’re one of the average and many, there are a few basic foods to really get your cholesterol moving, bad out, good in, and otherwise to improve your general heart health.

For example, garlic is rich in allicin, and therefore it has been shown in studies to actually lower LDL cholesterol. This being said, nuts are also rich in copper and magnesium and olive oil is rich in good fats, which will raise good cholesterol while using antioxidants to lower bad cholesterol. Mushrooms are also another thing that lower high cholesterol by more than 45% when eaten for at least a month. Finally, there is the obvious one of eating more fruits and vegetables. This can make a huge contribution to your fight against cholesterol, which realistically you should assume you could have in general.

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April 25, 2014